Foundation Patients

The people we serve through the foundation are our heros.  Foundation patients hold a special place in our hearts.  Their stories have touched us deeply and it is a honor and privilege to know and serve each of them.


A few of our BEAUTIFUL Foundation Patients



“I developed neurofibroma tumors on my face at the age of two. As I grew, so did my tumors, causing my nose and lip to be disproportionate and deformed. I have had many surgeries since that time to contain the growth, but Dr. Weiss was my first step to true reconstruction. I have had two surgeries under Dr. Weiss’ care, and I am astounded by the results. In one surgery he was able to accomplish what no one else could. His skill as a surgeon is only matched by the kindness he and his staff have shown me. Dr. Weiss’ team has been so supportive through this process and I am so grateful to all of them for helping me reach this point.”



“In November I had basal cell cancer removed which left a large void on the side of my nose. I was referred to Dr. Weiss to reconstruct the area affected because it was too extensive for the dermatologist. After several surgeries and months of wondering if I would ever look normal again, Dr. Weiss and all of his amazing staff were there every step of the way and I thank God every day that at such a frightening time in my life, I was put in their care. I would highly recommend Dr. Weiss to anyone that is going through a similar situation.”






Photos and quotes used with the permission of patients benefitting from the

Bella Vitae Foundation