Real Change in Haiti

Dr. Weiss and Michelle began their interest in Haiti by personally sponsoring a young girl in 2009. After the earthquake, they put the Bella Vitae Foundation to work sponsoring various projects to help the Haitian people.

Roy-Sec, Haiti was the location of the young girl so it was a natural location to begin work. A new restroom facility was constructed and a generator installed so water could be pumped to the village.

Rural Torbeck, Haiti is the location of the Consolation Center, an orphanage for abandoned girls. It was begun by Edouard and Djeune Constant, at first using only their own resources. The Bella Vitae Foundation, under the direction of Conwell Larson, is one of several organizations assisting to provide food, shelter, water, education and health care for the well-being of these girls.

Torbeck, Haiti is also the location of the Village of Hope. This is a housing project where the Bella Vitae Foundation has helped the Global Compassion Network to install wells, build Safe-T-Homes, and improve agriculture.

Because of generous donations of money and time, the Bella Vitae Foundation continues it’s mission to promote, defend and serve the human person. 100% of your donations go to the people we serve!

Conwell Larson

Conwell Larson holding Haitian girl

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Directs our efforts in Haiti

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